Starlight to Honey  -  regarding the source of sweetness

Honeybee Brain  -  small,  intricate  ...  anatomic substrate for a language

Apo-Bee  -  lipid transport and social control in the hive, cholesterol transport in humans

Trinity Swarm  -  how one colony moved to a new hive

drone  -  genetics of the haploid male honeybee

Flight of the Honeybee   -  how they fly  

Skin of the Earth  -  geologic realities of the planet's crust

Flowers and Flight  ...  Blossoms and Bees  -  coevolution of flowering plants and honeybees

Winter Cluster  -  honey in the hivemind

heat  -  colonial thermogenesis

Therapeutic Hypothermia :   a 90 Degree Turn Toward Recovery   -  cooling after sudden cardiac arrest

Apologia Scientiae et Fides in Deo  -  observation, reasoning, faith

photon  - the nature of light and the basis of color vision

titin  -  about the largest protein known

Calculus of Bees  -  colony turnover in the hive

Honeybee Polyandry ... or ... What Kind of Family is This Anyway?  -  honeybee reproduction  ...  different

Honeybee  -  Imaginal Discs  -  homeobox genes in developing Apis Mellifera

beenome  -  about the Honeybee Genome Project

Footprints   -  tracks on the shorelines of Pennsylvanian Alabama

Honeybee Heart  -  the pump that drives circulation in a bee

Beeswax  -  connective tissue of the superorganism

Here's a bit of info on honeybees  -   summary of information on bees

Smoke  -  communication disrupted, no orders to defend...  the shock and awe of beehive inspection

Coumarin  -  being red in plants, bleeding red in humans

Granite  -  upon which the continents float   

breath  -  how a bee breathes ... how a hive breathes

pollen  -  what it means to a bee, what it means to a plant, what it means to a human

wax moths  -  a tale of woe for a honeybee colony

scent  -  on the pheromonal communication in the honeybee colony

conversion  -  converting to top-bar hives in beekeeping


  ...  an amateur's review of backpacking topics :

 Grand Teton Guide no. 1  -   altitudes

Grand Teton Guide no. 2  -  high altitude physiology

Grand Teton Guide no. 3  -  acute mountain sickness

Grand Teton Guide no. 4  -  exercise conditioning  ...  mitochondrial replication

Grand Teton Guide no. 5  -  cosmic data - Teton Range - July

 Grand Teton Guide no. 6  -  Yellowstone geology

Grand Teton Guide no. 7  -  Grand Teton geology


 ...  an amateur's review of backpacking topics :

Grand Canyon Guide no. 1     -  exercise conditioning  ...  mitochondrial replication

Grand Canyon Guide no. 2  -  geology of the Canyon

Grand Canyon Guide no. 3  -  the Colorado River

 Grand Canyon Guide no. 4  -  humans in the Canyon

Grand Canyon Guide no. 5   -  Down the Great Unknown

Grand Canyon Guide no. 6  -  Grand Canyon layers


Hemoglobin  -  hemoglobin in plants ... its function,  its homology to the human blood protein

Flight Plan  -  navigation and sense of direction in the honeybee:  by the sun, by the earth

Case Study:  Iron Deficiency   -  in a human and in the early universe

Cyanosis  -  color shift in hemoglobin and a certain shade of blue

third surface  -  the endovascular surface as it relates to atherosclerotic vascular disease



Million Dot Project  -  toward an intuitive understanding of two common words

Million Dot Project - Population  -  how big is the elephant in the room?

bear  -  how to find animals, plants, and more ...  in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Survivor's Tale  -  significance of the Burgess Shale, window to the Cambrian explosion and its aftermath