Hive in Winter


Winter has set in ...

its grip coats the outside world.

Inside, the congregation

- tens of thousands, 

 sisters and half-sisters,

brothers by half,

and the mother -

all cluster, warm and dry.

An ear to the outside wall

can hear the whispered secret

of survival ...

how, now that the sun is dim,

concentrated harvest

of spring and summer past

- sweet product of photons caught 

on ancient membranes -

is cycled through

other membranes just as old,

threads lined up along the engine filaments,

now giving heat instead of flight.

These months of cold give meaning

to its whole way of life, the hive ...

why individuals would live together

in such a tight-knit group,

much more than a family,

and work and scrimp and save

and sacrifice themselves

... not to have, but to be.

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